Art of the Networked Practice

An International Online Symposium on Innovation in
Networked Research, Artistic Production and Teaching in the Arts

March 31 – April 2 | 2015

Presented by the School of Art, Design & Media
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore | World Wide Web

  In association with Furtherfield | London

Co-chaired by Randall Packer & Vibeke Sorensen


The Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium is an international gathering exploring emergent forms of networked research, artistic production, and teaching in the arts. Intended as a global and inclusive gathering, without registration fees, the symposium unites local and remote speakers and audiences via Web-conferencing from around the world to discuss a range of topics, including: distributed teaching and studio models, collective research, peer-to-peer cultural production, networked performance, big data cultural analytics, and a broad array of issues in Internet art & culture. The Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium brings together artists, educators, theorists, and scholars from universities, art schools, museums, alternative art spaces, and other cultural institutions to capture the range and diversity of past and current networked practices in the arts.


While online practices for learning and creative production have captured the attention of artists, arts educators and cultural organizations worldwide, techniques for highly collaborative and dynamic peer-to-peer forms remain an area of great potential for academic and artistic investigation. Furthermore, while distance learning is becoming widespread in many disciplines, the trend is particularly challenging in the arts: most arts educators agree that close contact is essential for the delicate dynamic of the teacher – student relationship, particularly in practice-based studio instruction. The Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium will not only address these concerns, but will serve as a forum for sharing emerging strategies that advance the network as a dynamic space for creative dialogue; for organizing, archiving, and publishing knowledge and creative work; a medium to enhance artistic practice; and an innovative space for designing new modes of distributed teaching in the arts.


Opening Reception & Events: Tuesday, March 31, 6 pm – 8pm SGT, ADM Main Lobby
Keynotes & Panels: Wednesday & Thursday, April 1 & 2, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm SGT, HSS Conference Center

The full symposium is live and online via Adobe Connect Web-conferencing. All times listed are SGT (Singapore), UTC or GMT + 8 hours. Use the Time Zone Converter to determine the difference from your location.

See Program @ Glance for more information.


Keynotes: Steve Dixon, Jon Cates, Peter Looker
Panelists: Tim White, Anne Balsamo, Deborah Howes, David A. Ross, Anne-Marie Schleiner, Marc Garrett, Ruth Catlow, Alex Adriaansens, Juan Camilo González, Charlotte Frost, Melinda Rackham, McKenzie Wark
Live Webcam Cyberformance: Helen Varley Jamieson with NTU students
Networked Installation: Juan Camilo González
NetArtizens Project: Furtherfield with Nick Briz & Joseph Yølk Chiocchi

The Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium brings together leading practitioners in the arts and humanities – artists, educators, theorists, and curators – to discuss their work, experiences, and aspirations. The keynote speakers and panelists are drawn from universities, art schools, museums, alternative art spaces, and other cultural institutions worldwide to capture the range and diversity of methods in networked forms of learning, creative work, and research. The symposium is intended as an inclusive gathering, without registration fees, and online access from anywhere in the world via web-conferencing in Adobe Connect. The symposium unites local and remote speakers, panelists, and audiences from around the world.

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The Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium is a platform for creative dialogue exploring how as artists, scholars and educators we can bridge our disciplines with the network and its potentialities. The symposium will address emerging concepts, paradigms, and practices in the following areas.

  • Peer-to-peer forms of artistic production and DIY culture
  • “Do it with others” and collaborative forms of networked projects
  • Expanded notions of the network and its expressive capabilities
  • Activating creative dialogue in networked “third space” environments
  • Current models of online arts education from MOOCs to low residency to WordPress networks
  • Online narrative forms from data visualization, cultural analytics, and social media
  • Changing roles of teacher and student in the networked environment
  • The history of networked forms of theater and live performance
  • Research blogging, mailing list networks, and new online publishing models
  • Inter-cultural and inter-institutional collaboration that dissolves geography and distance
  • Issues in contemporary Internet art and online culture
  • The NetArtizen and emerging strategies for online practices in the arts

The symposium also features live performance, a networked data visualization installation, and an open exhibition of networked art by artists participating in the NetArtizens Project.

See the Full Program for details.


ADM Main Lobby: School of Art, Design & Media (ADM)
HSS Conference Center: HSS-05-07, 5th Floor, School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS)
Online via Adobe Connect: Visit the Adobe Connect Webconferencing page for login instructions for accessing the symposium online meeting space.

The Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium will be held online and onsite: centered in a specially configured seminar space in the HSS Conference Center at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, uniting local and remote participants in presentation and dialogue via web-conference. The symposium will be free of charge and accessible via Adobe Connect, with opportunities for participation involving all attendees no matter where they are located. The symposium will demonstrate how networked space can be used to stimulate creative dialogue and the open sharing of knowledge through an online global exchange.

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Sponsored by the NTU: School of Art, Design & Media; Centre for Liberal Arts & Social Sciences; Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy Division | EdeX Grants