Third Space Network and the Raw Hope Coalition of DC Metro museums, art spaces and academic partners, announce the upcoming season of Raw Hope of Humanity Rising public dialogues, broadcasted monthly live & online throughout the spring of 2021. The first panel, The Social Impact of Mural Art, takes place Wednesday, February 17 at 6pm ET. Each event will culminate in the ++ After Hours / Drinking About Art virtual soirée creating a space for the arts & cultural communities to share ideas and aspirations during these extraordinary times of crisis.


To Register and access upcoming Raw Hope events, FOLLOW THIS LINK to Crowdcast and click on “SAVE MY SPOT.” Crowdcast is the 3SN participatory third space platform for civic engagement & chat that activates public dialogue across the boundaries of the local and the remote.


Raw Hope for Humanity Rising is a series of public dialogues dedicated to collective purpose, inspiring artists and audiences to make a difference and shape humanity in our world through arts activism, outreach, education and creative expression. We connect culture bearers to spark change, share perspectives through online dialogue and challenge creative constraints. We envision 2021 as a time of recuperation and healing after the turmoil of 2020. Through dialogue and social interaction, it is our intent to bring communities together across the Washington, DC region and beyond to build opportunities for new artistic projects and social initiatives. Panelists include a diversity of artists, activists, organizers, scholars, and educators discussing mural art, DIY maker culture, online activism, and the transformation of urban space, sharing their collective efforts to unite communities through art, collaboration and social change.


Drawing inspiration from the year 2020 as a time for reflection, repair, racial reckoning, intensified calls for social justice and our ever evolving creative community, we are proud to announce the Third Space Network + Coalition partners online exhibition SURVIVING TO THRIVING, in tandem with the spring 2021 Raw Hope of Humanity Rising series of public dialogues. SURVIVING TO THRIVING aims to deepen community driven ideas and impacts through dialogue, subversion, appreciation of humanity as it is, challenging humanity to become more hopeful as artful intervention shining a light in our midst and as an immersive voyage into the heart of contemporary causes and social movements. SURVIVING TO THRIVING is co-curated by Monica O. Montgomery and Randall Packer. The exhibition will go online in February, 2021.


3SN has formed the Raw Hope Coalition as a community for dialogue, action, and social change throughout the Washington DC area and beyond. The Raw Hope Coalition includes following organizations: The Phillips Collection, University of Maryland Center for Art and Knowledge, THEARC, American University Museum, VisArts / Rockville, McLean Project for the Arts, Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center, International Visions, Museum Hue, Johns Hopkins University Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies


Third Space Network (3SN) is an artist-driven Internet channel created by Randall Packer, producing alternative artistic, social and political narratives. 3SN makes accessible the kinds of live performance, artworks, dialogues and interactions that can only be derived from globally networked media that collapses the local and remote into a shared third space.


Raw Hope of Humanity Rising is organized by 3SN Creative Director Randall Packer and Director of Welcoming and Belonging Monica O. Montgomery in association with the Raw Hope Coalition. Design is by Beverley Ng and Website development by Hui Wen Wong of Utrix. The project is supported by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities and the Crowdcast Equality program. Raw Hope of Humanity Rising is a Third Space Network initiative of Zakros InterArts.


If you would like more information about Raw Hope of Humanity Rising or if you are a member of the press, please contact Randall Packer at rpacker@zakros.com.