The Third Space Network (3SN) is a 24/7 streaming Internet channel for the live media arts and creative dialogue. 3SN is a project of Randall Packer broadcasting from the Underground Studio Bunker in Washington, DC.

Randall Packer hosting an Internet interview from his studio with guest artist Mina Cheon

With the integration of today’s global broadband Internet connections, social media and mobile devices, the technological possibilities for live broadcasting have advanced dramatically. And yet, online broadcasting remains fertile ground as an experimental medium for artistic investigation. Motivated by this potentiality, we are introducing the idea of the Third Space Network, an Internet artists channel for live expression facilitated by distributed networks of artists, viewers, softwares, and organizations.

The aspiration of the Third Space Network is to stimulate a new form of socially-based participatory media arts broadcasting within the thriving digital culture that has added Internet media to traditional forms of television broadcasting. The Third Space Network embraces the idea of participation in a real-time, collaborative broadcast community. It is our intention to rethink the anachronistic paradigm of the centralized one-to-many broadcasting modality to a shift towards peer-to-peer broadcasted art that creatively joins virtual and physical spaces with technical imagination, conceptual thinking, social sensibilities, activist voices, and aesthetic choices: live media art made by “artist-broadcasters” exploring a collective approach to Internet streaming.

The Third Space Network is intended to connect and make interchangeable maker and viewer in the immediacy of the live broadcast to discover and make accessible the kinds of artworks, experiences, explorations, and interactions that can only be derived from globally networked media that collapses geographical and cultural boundaries.

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