OSS Outline

Open Source Studio: The Practice of Networked Art

[approximately 400 words per section]


Open Source Studio is a conceptual framework for understanding and formulating a practice of networked art: concepts, approaches, methodologies and aspirations for artist research, production, collaboration, and creative dialogue amplified by the network.

Backgrounding Histories

How did we arrive at a networked art practice: the interweaving of ideas and paradigmatic shifts in the artistic avant-garde and the forerunners of information technology.

Telematic Writing

The necessity of a medium for 21st century writing practices: no longer text-centered but taking multimedia and hypertextual form in the online space.

The Archival Sketchbook

In an increasingly technological environment, in which we are caught up in the flow of information, tethered to instantaneous actions of social media, techniques are required to organize and preserve our utterances for purposes of retrieval.

The Way of Open Source

Why open source thinking in the economic sphere is so critical to the development of creative social space for production and research. Issues of public vs private, open source vs proprietary define the issues surrounding networked art practices.

Activating the Third Space

The third space is the shared networked social sphere, in which the collapse of distance and global communications forms a heightened and engaged medium. How the potentiality of this space is activated through artistic and collaborative invention.

Collective Narrative

Narrativity takes on new meaning and form in networked practices, through the potentialities and activations of many-to-many systems of writing and online expression.

Creative Dialogue

Dialogue in the third space moves beyond communication into acts of creative invention and collaboration. Dialogue as a form of artistic expression in the networked space.

NetArtizens Reunion

Put into practice, the concepts of open source studio provide an arena for cultural production within institutions ranging from alternative art spaces to museums to art schools. How networked actions are organized to achieve collective forms of thinking and production. (Defining the user of the network) Practitioners of networked art practice in the search for and realization of the potentialities of an activated online social space for collective research, artistic production, teaching, and other incategorizable forms of collaborative effort.