“I consider myself successful only when I do something that resembles the lack of order I sense.” – Robert Rauschenberg

#NeWWWorlDisorder is an artistic response to escalating world chaos and hyper-manufactured disinformation. Our intent is to take the MEDIA into our own hands, claiming a Temporary Autonomous Networked Zone (TANZ) of artistic intervention and mediation aimed squarely against the disorder with even MORE disorder.

On July 29th, 2017, 12 Artist Broadcasters from 6 countries in Europe and North America performed simultaneously via Facebook Live in a 90-minute, collectively conceived, socially broadcasted, global culture jam + net performance.

– The Artist Broadcasters of the #NeWWWorlDisorder –
Row 1: Annie Abrahams (France), Domenico Dom Barra (Italy), Michaël Borras A.K.A. Systaime (France), Curt Cloninger (US)Row 2: Carla Gannis (US), Baron Lanteigne (Canada), Patrick Lichty (Canada), Randall Packer (US)Row 3: Daniel Pinheiro (Portugal), Dominik Podsiadly (Poland), Craig Saper (US), Paul Wong (Canada)

#NeWWWorlDisorder explored social broadcasting as the organization of distributed media flows, spaces, locations, images, and sound in the immediacy and simultaneity of their performance. Each Artist Broadcaster used Facebook Live to transmit their performance across their own Facebook feed, which was then aggregated in real-time to the Web-based interactive video wall. Despite the artistic differentiations and geographical displacement between the live broadcasts, each artist participated in a simultaneous event that was viewed as a single, collective, performance work.

W3 are the #TV
W3 are the #Medium
W3 are the #Media
W3 are the #Flux
W3 are the #Real #D3sord3r
W3 are the #Message
W3 are #Facebook
W3 are the #!nt3rn3t
W3 are the #NeWWWorlDisorder


Hosted by Randall Packer & Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime
A Project of the Third Space Network (3SN) & SPAMM