The Sensoriality of the Third Space

We often associate networked space, the cybernated space we share virtually or vicariously through our online communications, as a medium of disembodiment. However, it can be shown that despite geographical separation, there is a sensorial quality to networked space, here referred to as the “third space,” with its own unique potential for social intimacy, closeness, […]

NetArtizens Reunion

In the age of social media, our conversations, discourses, research, decision making, organizational and artistic work are “intertwingled” (to use Ted Nelson’s playful term) with exponentially exploding repositories of media and information. Nowadays, our everyday communications are embedded with the metadata of search querys, hyperlinks, hashtags and usernames. Concluding thoughts on the open source studio: […]

The Way of Open Source

“Open source” has historically described a mode of technological production that is collectively authored or manufactured and distributed without profit according to specific guidelines, such as those laid out by the Open Source Initiative. But the way of open source is also passionate and an often radical ideological stance that many technologists and artists have […]

Backgrounding Histories

(include the Happenings and influences of Fluxus) How did we arrive at a networked art practice from historical precedents? The interweaving of paradigmatic shifts in the artistic avant-garde with those of the forerunners of information technology provides a window of understanding. This has been the central thesis of my research for the past twenty-five years, […]

The Studio of Now

The idea of Open Source Studio (OSS) has emerged from over twenty years of developing an artistic and teaching practice as the network itself has evolved from the earliest days of the World Wide Web. The artist studio as finite space, defined by physical walls, drawers, and desktops has been transformed and expanded in the […]

OSS Outline

Open Source Studio: The Practice of Networked Art [approximately 400 words per section] Preamble Open Source Studio is a conceptual framework for understanding and formulating a practice of networked art: concepts, approaches, methodologies and aspirations for artist research, production, collaboration, and creative dialogue amplified by the network. Backgrounding Histories How did we arrive at a […]