Deep Third Space Performance Lab

Tenor Charles Lane performing in Black|White, July 2021


The Deep Third Space Performance Lab is an online platform for the development of Internet theatre. The culmination of ten years of exploratory research conducted by Creative Director Randall Packer in the Underground Studio Bunker in Washington, DC, the Lab is designed as a space for new forms of networked performance that encourage social engagement, online activism and media experimentation.

Currently working in collaboration with the Telepresence Stage project based in the UK – an international consortium of artists, technologists, universities, and tech companies – the Deep Third Space Performance Lab is designed to situate remote actors, dancers, and musicians in virtual sets, compositing live movement, voices, and actions in audio-visual telematic environments.

3SN stands by the message, that the network is not a substitute for theatre, rather, it is its own creative medium to be mined to its fullest potential.

The Deep Third Space Lab is led by 3SN Team members:

Randall Packer, Creative Director
Gregory Kuhn, Multimedia Design


Black|White (2021)

Daniel Charon (left) and Charles Lane (right) in Black|White, July 2021

Pandemic Encounters (2020)

Paul Sermon (lower), Tony Sant (upper), Pandemic Encounters, April 2020


Randall Packer, Artistic Director
Third Space Network
Deep Third Space Lab
Washington, DC