Here in the Underground Studio Bunker at 3SN Headquarters in Washington, DC, I am tethered to the chaos of the exterior world by the umbilical Network that binds us all… monitoring & broadcasting everything, everywhere, all at the same time.

To spin, distort, redirect, transmit, disperse, and SCREAM OUT: TAKE CONTROL! in the unceasing, maddening FLOW of the MEDIA TORRENT.

Enter into the FLOW of the Broadcast

In the continuous Rush of the 24/7 Noise Cycle & XTREME TRUMPological XCESS, where nothing is true nor false nor real, I have embedded myself as a Viral Host in the TORRENT, carrying out its Ultimate DISSECTION:  

If I could only catch up with this torrential Wave of Information… I would at last be in the Ever-Present-Present of Now!

With the 2020 Election Denouement fast approaching, join our Mailing List and STAY TUNED to the Third Space Network & The Post Reality Show for non-stop Artist Broadcasting, Networked Conversations, and Reportage that challenges the hierarchical order & power alignment between individual & establishment media. WE ARE OUR OWN MEDIA!

///The Third Space Network and The Post Reality Show is a creation of Randall Packer: former Secretary of the US Department of Art & Technology, Artist of the Third Space, and all around Virus in the Virtual Realm.///