Creative Dialogue

What exactly is creative dialogue? Discourse as action. As the substance of art (rather than a substitute), dialogue is a source of creative energy and reason and understanding between people of all disciplines who engage in the action of words. In the third space network of virtual possibilities, dialogue becomes a distributed *medium* that dissolves distance. The medium of dialogue is a catalyst for a dynamic that creates links across social, political, cultural, and disciplinary barriers that might have been otherwise impossible to connect. The insertion of dialogue into the third space defies the physical limitations of geography and time and opens up the possibilities for change, transformation, knowledge and instantaneous inter-cultural collaboration in ways that were formerly unthinkable. It is at this point, in which dialogue functions as a thread for weaving global trajectories of human exchange, that we understand technology as a great enabler, a source of empowerment, and a force of creative thinking. Inter-cultural dialogue signifies hope where none might have existed, it signifies a broader understanding of the world where ignorance might have prevailed.

Creative dialogue as expressed via the network provides access where situations and events might have been otherwise exclusive. Creative dialogue is a highly inclusive concept, allowing participants in remote locations, perhaps without the necessary resources, a platform for engaging and participating in the exchange of knowledge across distances of geography.

Creative dialogue in the Open Source Studio project can be thought of as peer-to-peer artistic creation, highly collaborative and participatory. Dialogue as a form of artistic expression.