3SN Collaborative Consulting develops and designs the technologies and techniques for online spaces that integrate real-time interaction for performance and advanced communication. The project envisions this social architecture for virtual theater, live shared-access media, and as a platform for collective research into the new frontiers of online expression.

The 3SN platform utilizes state of the art peer-to-peer technology and dynamic and compositing software that enables remote interaction in creative online spaces with the express intention of maximizing and expanding the vocabulary of internet streaming and broadcast content and experience.

In collaboration with clients and fellow researchers, the 3SN staff and backbone architecture can lead your organization towards new visions of internet-reliant communication and expression.

List of Services (add descriptions + images)

  • Creative Coaching
    • Online Dramaturgy
    • Multimedia Composition
  • Telematic Performance Design
    • Virtual Set Design
    • Chroma Key compositing
    • Visual & interactive media design
    • Sound & Computer Music Design
    • Hybrid Online/Onsite Events
  • Studio Design
    • Hardware / Software Systems
    • Green Screen Configuration
    • Multimedia/Audio-Visual Networking
    • Acoustics & Lighting
    • Internet Broadcast Streaming