Selected Artistic Productions

  • Telematic Performance
    Pandemic Encounters (2020)

    As we have witnessed a global migration into online environments, how do we reimagine our interactions, our need for engagement, the need for the intimacy of physical proximity, in spite of social distancing.

  • Music Theatre
    A Season in Hell (2010)

    A Season in Hell is a historical portrait of political and social turmoil in the post-9/11 era, a hallucinatory spectacle of America as a vision of Hell: a contemporary depiction of the Underworld of America.

  • Interactive Media Installation
    Narcissus’ Well (2006)

    Narcissus’ Well is an interactive multimedia installation that investigates how we are absorbed in the ephemeral, the intangible, the invisible, and the faraway – the quest for self-knowledge mediated through technology.

  • Media Installation
    Experimental Party Disinformation Center (2004)

    The Experimental Party was conceived as faux, artist-driven political party and an artistic critique of the political process, a vehicle for artistic action, founded on the notion that the artist really can change the world.

  • Immersive Internet Installation
    Mori: An Internet Earthwork (1999/2006)

    In this installation, minute movements of the Hayward Fault in California are detected by a seismograph, converted to digital signals, and transmitted continuously via the Internet to the installation.

  • Interactive Music Theatre
    Arches (1991)

    Through the efforts of our collaborative team, Arches is the construction of a mythology; a series of ‘scenes’ or ‘vignettes’ which add up to a kind of microcosm of a life with all the labyrinthine complexities, revelations, wrong-turns, and contradictions.