Since 1990, we have collaborated on over 20 pioneering works for theater, installation and the internet on four continents, using advanced technologies for creative expression. From telematic data-driven installations to online performances, our works challenge social and political perspectives with engaging multi-sensory experiences. Additionally, we have independently collaborated with artists across the spectrum on over a hundred world premieres in the performing and media arts.

 A Season in Hell, commissioned by the Zero1 Festival of the Media Arts, San Jose, CA, 2010

3SN Collaborative Consulting was founded to address and rethink artistic practices and to evolve the techniques and content for a changing online landscape. We have worked together on a broad range of collaborative multimedia projects: from music theater, to dance, to installation, to telematic works created specifically for the Internet. We bring experience in all facets of technical design and production, including sound, lighting, video, staging, and streaming technology.

The contemporary arts are now struggling in the wake of the pandemic. With closures of theaters, galleries and art spaces, we have witnessed a mass migration of artistic work from public venues to the Internet: to what we call the third space. However, we believe the online arena is not a substitute, but rather its own medium full of untapped creative possibilities.

Our consulting philosophy is that we work with you, rather than for you. And given the highly interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the media and performance arts, our approach is to work, create and evolve together, in order to help you meet the demands and challenges of the ongoing transformations of online artistic expression.

Their collaboration reinvests the popular superlative “awesome” with some of its original weight. – New York Times, April 11, 2003, Roberta Smith