Live Internet Performance Work
Confronts Racial Polarization
Thursday, July 15, 6pm EDT

Third Space Network (3SN) and its Creative Director Randall Packer, known internationally for pioneering new music theatre & digital performance, is presenting the debut Internet performance/workshop Black|White: Tuesday, July 15, 6pm EDT. The event is co-hosted by the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company in Salt Lake City.

Black|White takes place live & online, the first workshop production of 3SN’s Deep Third Space Lab for networked theatre. Black|White unites dancer/choreographer Daniel Charon performing from the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Studio in Salt Lake City, with tenor and performance artist Charles Lane, from his home studio in downtown Los Angeles.

Charles Lane, Daniel Charon

Black|White is a response to racial polarization on the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. The work situates two men: one Black, one White, one a singer, the other a dancer, two individuals who must negotiate distant worlds, distant neighborhoods, distant lives, and different skin, a reconciliation through the language of image, music, rhythm, collage, and movement, co-mingled in the immaterial space of the Network.

Internet Performance/Workshop
Thursday, July 15, 6PM EDT
free of charge on Crowdcast

Deep Third Space Performance Lab

Charles Lane, Daniel Charon: rehearsal for Black|White

Black|White is the debut project of the Deep Third Space Performance Lab, the culmination of ten years of development in 3SN’s Underground Studio Bunker in Washington, DC. In partnership with a research initiative led by Paul Sermon and the University of Brighton/School of Art, the Third Space Network has designed an online performance platform which encourages social engagement, supports online activism and experimentation, and serves as a theatrical venue for the development of new forms of Internet performance art.

The Deep Third Space Performance Lab is designed to situate remote actors, dancers, and musicians in virtual sets, compositing their live movement, voices, and actions in otherworldly environments. According to Packer, “3SN stands by the message, particularly in the era of Covid-19, that the network is not a substitute for theatre, rather, it is its own creative medium to be mined to its fullest potential.”

The Artists

Randall Packer: Artist/Composer

Randall Packer is an artist, composer, and educator, internationally known for his pioneering work at the intersection of electronic music, interactive media, live performance, and networked art. He has received critical acclaim for my socially and politically infused critique of media culture, performed and exhibited at museums, theaters, and festivals around the world. Packer is Creative Director of the Third Space Network (3SN), and the creator of the Deep Third Space Lab in his underground studio bunker in Washington, DC.

Daniel Charon: Dancer/Choreographer

Artistic Director of Salt Lake City’s Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company since 2013, Daniel Charon has been active as a choreographer, teacher, and performer for over twenty-five years. While based in New York City, Daniel maintained a project-based company and primarily danced with Doug Varone and Dancers (1999-2010) and the Limón Dance Company (1997-1999). He is a BFA graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts and an MFA graduate of the California Institute of the Arts in Choreography and Integrated Media.

Gregory Kuhn: Multimedia Designer

Gregory T. Kuhn is a multidisciplinary artist and production expert who excels at transforming creative concepts into ground-breaking new works. He contributes production, composition, sound and visual design to diverse projects in opera, theater, dance, multimedia, contemporary music, and installation and interactive media arts. With over 85 world premieres to his credit, awards include an Isadora Duncan for S.F. Ballet’s Ballet Mori and a Lucille Lortel for Rinde Eckert’s Horizon.

Charles Lane: Tenor/Performance Artist

Charles Lane is a native of Los Angeles and a resident of downtown LA. As a versatile musician and performance artist, he has spent his career traveling across the boundaries of opera, concert and choral music, cabaret, experimental music, and performance art. For more than 25 years, he has sung in over 100 productions with the Los Angeles Opera Chorus, working with some of the worlds most renowned conductors, theatre directors, and operatic stars, and has toured around the world with the Los Angeles Chorale and the LA Philharmonic under the direction of Maestro Gustavo Dudamel.

Ririe-Woodbury (Rī-rē Woŏd-bûr-ē) Dance Company

Shift, choreographed by Daniel Charon

Ririe-Woodbury (Rī-rē Woŏd-bûr-ē) Dance Company is Utah’s most established institution for contemporary dance. The Company actively embraces and commissions the work of contemporary choreographers, tours worldwide, and develops dynamic education and community outreach programming.

Under the direction of Executive Director Jena Woodbury, Artistic Director Daniel Charon, and Education Director Ai Fujii Nelson, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company is committed to building upon the vision of its founders as it continues to evolve as an important voice for innovation in contemporary dance and dance education.


3SN is supported by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, the Crowdcast Equality program, University of Brighton/School of Art, the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council, and friends of the Third Space Network. Third Space Network is a project of Zakros InterArts.