Social Broadcasting

Social broadcasting is here defined as an organized network of collaborating artists whose work consisting of performance, audio-visual art, and creative dialogue, coalesce across distance, cultures, and geographies via live transmission to a participatory Internet audience. The Third Space Network is exploring the co-creation and presentation of socially-based performances, interviews, and workshops that catalyze many-to-many relations among artist, curators, and viewers.

Webcam performance led by Annie Abrahams for the Furtherfield online discussion with students from the California Institute of the Arts (2012)

Furtherfield’s Marc Garrett describes this peer-based practice as DIWO (Do it With Others) in the arts as:

“The process is as important as the outcome, forming relationally aware peer enactments. It is a living art, exploiting contemporary forms of digital and physical networks as a mode of open praxis, as in the Greek word for doing, and as in, doing it with others.”

The Third Space Network builds on the concept of DIWO in the medium of broadcasting through the collective organization of streaming artist programs emanating from geographically dispersed locations and situations. By aggregating broadcasts via cloud-based streaming, as well as encouraging collaborative forms of broadcasted artworks, performances, and events, participating artists are interconnected to form a network that reaches and engages a global audience. Unlike the hierarchical, corporate structure that controls commercially-driven, top down broadcast media, the Third Space Network is envisioned as a bottom-up artist-curated space that brings access to the Internet for live artworks, dialogue, and social action: collapsing the local and remote into a networked, shared “third space.”

The Third Space Network emphasizes the participatory and distributed nature of Internet broadcasting through its integration and insertion into online spaces. When integrated with social media and collaborative tools, such as with the #NeWWWorlDisorder project using Facebook Live, the Third Space Network provides artists with an extensive platform for the invention of new forms of streaming artworks, actions, and interventions that engage audiences as active, peer participants.