Collapsing the Boundaries

The Third Space Network in envisioned as a global consortium of artist-broadcasters creating new work and discourse that challenges and collapses the obstacles of geographical distances, cultural differences, and social inequalities. The history of alternative media underscores the need to give greater access to artistic and public voices generally excluded from the mainstream media.

The Big Kiss (2007) by Annie Abrahams, live Webcam networked art, performed by Abrahams and Mark River

Artists who are too often sequestered in the privacy of their studios are now provided an accessible platform to share their work and ideas with global reach: critiquing and contemplating a fast changing networked culture that is quickly transforming our artistic practice, our teaching, our research, our social relations, our identities, and our understanding of the world at large. The Third Space Network ventures into something new and unimaginable and the only way we will ever grasp the significance of the sheer scale and magnitude of our world today is to compress it, illuminated windows into a brave new world.

The possibilities are endless: we ask, what can’t you do with your own television channel beamed out to the whole world!?