The Net Dynamic Environment

“The artist is concerned not so much with what is being communicated as with how its communicated and the awareness of the process. Thus Television (and its net descendent) becomes the world’s first inherently objective art form.” – Gene Youngblood

Information comes in, it goes out. I follow it wherever it leads, without too much concern with its aesthetic implications, it seems the more I let go of some kind of finished/polished/final thing, the more something truly miraculous emerges out of distance from the Work. It’s all about process, doing, making, creating, working, shaping, evolving, but not finishing, completing, finalizing… because there is no beginning middle end, though perhaps in the documentation there is some sense of closure, who knows, but who cares, that all comes after the fact anyway. Perhaps it is best to not be too concerned but just find a way to keep working + working, just stay in the FLOW of seeing and listening to what transpires.

All of this occurs in real-time direct contact with the viewer, out there is some third space place of watching, as I have setup a window into my open src studio FLOW. For the viewer to enter into this world, I have created an unceasing dynamic that is endlessly dynamic in its fluidity and spontaneity. I just keep on writing and activating the FLOW as it it passes through the Machine I have constructed for its transformation.

There is a lot going on in our world of non-stop communications media FLOW that passes through each and every computer that is connected to the System. I am just one node in that system making something from the noise, channeling the noise into a form that supports its comprehension, if that is possible, as noise to be received, hypnotized as we are by this intoxicated FLOW that passes through the Machine pulsing away in our collectively net dynamic lives.

It all becomes very fluid in the writing process as the information passes into and out of my studio. There seems to be no end to this stream and I am not even sure where to stop, if I should stop at all.

But nevermind all of that, it is just a matter of noting, or should I say, experiencing the beauty of the FLOW, a thing to be appreciated and absorbed in its breathtaking intoxication…