On Becoming a Meta-Narrator

As a Meta-Narrator, information FLOWS in and out of my open source studio and in and out of me. My narrative feeds on the aggregation of the feed: sampled and resampled, fed back through and out again. Everything is meta: captured & processed & remixed & connected & re-connected. All is system, all is FLOW, I am just a conduit of the medium of exchange & transfer.

I endure the challenge of continuous aggregation and re-contextualization. I am a super-participant, an echo chamber for appropriating, amplifying and redirecting information. I am an AGGREGATOR. a real-time documentatarian & live archivist as broadcasted performance immersed in the media channels.

In the constant direction & redirection, I insert myself into the torrent: to absorb, reshape, transform, remix, and re-broadcast the endless stream out from wherever it came. It is from the vantage point of this bottomless information vortex that I am a Writing Machine, a distributed artist, a Meta-Narrator, spreading context / meaning / description to the information I capture / tag / replay.

In the FLOW of the river of noise, I roam the desert of the real, I push the limit of maximum chaos and I raise the ugly specter of XTreme TRUMPology. I perform that media that infiltrates our everyday lives, tethered as we are to the beckoning call of the FLOW. As such, I synchronize with the FLOW, I become one with the FLOW, I submit to and expose its precision, it’s hypnotic effects, it’s seductive call, it’s sequential (dis)order and it’s ultimate hold on our minds and spirit.