Artists Consortium

The Third Space Network (3SN) is in the initial planning stages of organizing an international artists consortium who will participate in a curated 24/7 broadcast channel of performing and media arts programming. The consortium will include artists whose work has advanced networked performance and experimental media practices. It is our hope to create a large, diverse international audience for the evolving medium of live Internet art.

3SN is intended as a 24/7 Internet channel, in which participating artists will conceive and produce their own live weekly or monthly program, broadcast from the studio or site-specific location. Artists will shape their programs to incorporate networked performance, live or pre-recorded video and sound art, talk/interviews, social and collaborative work, lectures, workshops, site-specific reportage, etc.

3SN is also planning to present Internet performance and installation art streamed directly to galleries, museums, concert halls, lecture auditoriums, and classrooms via large scale projections and display monitors. Venue-based streaming is intended to bring together local and remote audiences in socially-oriented third space installations environments, enabling new forms of hybrid live art that combines physical and virtual spaces and audiences.

3SN technical requirements will be scalable, in which artists will broadcast using a variety of streaming platforms and devices, including: mobile phones, IP cameras, laptops, production studios, etc, making 3SN fully accessible and flexible according to the needs of each artist or collaborating group. Artists will be provided technical recommendations for the use of consumer hardware, software encoders, mobile applications, and Web-conferencing platforms.