We wish you well as we face this monster of a global pandemic: please stay safe in this unprecedented time of crisis. As we turn to the network to find solutions for nearly all aspects of our everyday life, we must take action to inspire & activate imaginative interactions in the third space! Art is a powerful mechanism for bringing people together: the Third Space Network will continue to organize live online events as we face the difficult reality of sheltering & social distancing.

Randall Packer, Creative Director


  • Networked Conversations

    Networked Conversations brings people together in live creative dialogue, our own alternative media where we debate the latest issues and break the news: all from a uniquely art & activist lens.

  • Raw Hope of Humanity Rising

    A series of public dialogues that address the political climate during the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, in which hope is as raw as our democracy is faltering.


  • Reportage from the Aesthetic Edge

    Reportage from the Aesthetic Edge is my global megaphone, my virtual soapbox, where I can say what needs to be said without constraint. If there is a role for the artist, this is it.

  • The Post Reality Show

    Deep down in the Underground Studio Bunker, I embed myself in the 24/7 information torrent to perform a critique of its intoxication, disinformation, and disorientation.


  • Art of the Networked Practice (2015)

    Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium 2015 was an international gathering exploring emergent forms of networked research, artistic production, and teaching in the arts.

  • #NeWWWorlDisorder (2017)

    12 Artist-Broadcasters from 6 countries in Europe & North America performed simultaneously in a 90-minute socially broadcasted global culture jam + net performance.

  • Art of the Networked Practice (2018)

    Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium 2018 explored the concept of social broadcasting as a revolutionary shift that creatively joined artists and audiences in live, networked spaces.

  • Social Broadcasting (2018)

    This essay looks at how the concept of social broadcasting was catalyzed by 60s & 70s counter-culture, communalism, psychedelics, Happenings, early video art, and electronic theater.


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/// Randall Packer //

The Third Space Network is a project of Randall Packer, Artistic Director of Zakros InterArts in Washington, DC. For more information contact: rpacker@zakros.com